Parallel HP


Parallel High Pressure enhance the operation of your equipment by delivering continuous lubrication to critical components such as pins, bushings, lift cylinders, and articulation joints. Many equipment manufacturers are specifying heavier based greases such as NLGI grade EP-2. The Parallel High Pressure system delivers measured amounts of lubricant up to EP-2 which can be adjusted to specific requirements via built-in adjustment screws. Parallel High Pressure systems can be fitted with pressure switch, low level auto shut-off and operator communication test light to warn operator of any system faults.

  • Innovative pump designs incorporate a highly visible red follower plate, which keep contaminants and moisture out of the lubricant. This also provides the operator a quick indication of the lubricant level.
  • Highly functional timer can be programmed to the minute to ensure optimal lubrication. Timer also incorporates a real time clock, audible alarm, and reporting software to provide a history of the machine‚Äôs service life.
  • Heavy Duty Injector blocks are durable and built to last.

Parallel HP Electric Brochure
Parallel HP Hydraulic Brochure