New Company set up to expand European Business

New Company set up to expand European Business   Maarheeze, NL (Jan, 2015) With the intention to expand Lubecore business in Europe, Jan Eisses – Founder and President of Lubecore International (CAN) – and Bas van Hoek – Atib, Waalre (NL) and official distributor for Lubecore products in Benelux – decided to cooperate with Wald Antriebe GmbH in Walsrode (GER) to develop their position and opportunities on the European market. Wim Eisses – Owner and President of Wald Antriebe GmbH – founded Lubecore Europe B.V. which is located in Maarheeze, a small town near Eindhoven. The triangular business is now set up between Lubecore International, Lubecore Europe B.V. and Wald Antriebe GmbH. For technical instructions, detailed product information and   individual automated greasing solutions Lubecore International offers you long-term product and market experience. Regarding matters of system installation, technical service and training sessions our team around technical expert Bas van Hoek is looking forward to your inquiries and future Projects. Logistical matters will be operated by Wald Antriebe GmbH in Walsrode, Germany.



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